Case Study: Local News Distributed With Real Estate Start-Up Increases Publisher Awareness For New Residents

July 9, 2018


Bloom’s Distribution Service Is Personalizing Local News To Untapped Audiences In New York City, Reaching Twice The Average Newsletter Open Rate


New York, NY – With platforms and other social networks being overloaded with content to reach audiences, Bloom offers news publishers an alternative approach – to distribute on services where content doesn’t yet flow, local within their community, and targeted to their audience. Since February, Bloom, a community-based platform for journalism, has been working with Roomeze, a real estate startup in New York City, to make local news available on their own services, helping to inform and engage hundreds of new residents.

Bloom published a case study in April to document the results of the first 3 months after launching the distribution channel. The channel helped send over 7,100 links for local news and events to about 400 newly-moved residents in Harlem and Brooklyn, New York City. Residents received content bi-weekly in a personalized newsletter, which is hosted by Roomeze and processed by Bloom. An average of 10 publishers were promoted in each newsletter sent, achieving a 35% average unique open rate, twice the industry average for publishers.

Max Spinelli, Head of Marketing and Talent at Roomeze, said “…Being able to provide them [residents] with hyper localized news, events and recommendations based on their new address is yet another element that sets us apart from other real estate tech players. Stephen’s [Bloom founder] ability to tailor Bloom’s features to our specific newsletter needs has been a genuine asset in expanding the Roomeze brand and service.”

Participating Brooklyn publisher, BK Reader, spent under 9 minutes total to geotag 46 of their local news stories, which generated into over 2,100 article links to the residents. In order to bring the content into the channel, BK Reader’s journalists used Bloom’s WordPress plugin to geotag their stories.

Zawadi Morris, Publisher of BK Reader, responded “…our challenge always has been trying to get our content in front of as many residents as possible– that is, making our voice stand out amongst a chorus of hundreds of other content providers online… Knowing that our content is being shared with our target audience through additional newsletter services and with absolutely no effort on our part makes this service an absolute no-brainer and a dream-come-true for a news publisher!”

Over the past year, Bloom has worked on developing the distribution service and Roomeze’s newsletter is the first implementation. “People interact with dozens of services in their community on daily basis. Finding the right way to integrate local news into these services has proven to be valuable for both the business and publishers. A promise for B2B news collaboration and convenience for residents,” says Bloom founder, Stephen Jefferson. Bloom plans to continue developing the newsletter service and other distribution methods and is continuing to distribute content with Roomeze as they grow their network of NYC residents.

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