Call For Publishers: Bloom Launches News Distribution Service in Brooklyn and Harlem

February 13, 2018


Service Distributes Local News With NYC Real Estate Tech Startup To Increase Publisher Awareness and Readership

New York, NY – As local newsrooms continue to cover important stories for their community, it has become more challenging for them to stabilize local readership and engagement as they compete with other sources online. Bloom, a location-based platform for journalism, is introducing a service that hopes to eliminate these challenges by creating personalized, distribution channels with local businesses in their community.

Bloom’s service works directly with businesses who strive to inform their customers about local neighborhoods.  Content from verified local publishers is made accessible with Bloom and automatically distributed with web or email-based services.  Content can then be personalized to the customer’s neighborhood and to the preferences of the business, such as content type.  With this service, Bloom strives to not only inform more residents but to also create a shared, complementary solution for local publishers and businesses to improve their awareness and trust with the community.

On February 16th, Bloom is launching the service with Roomeze, a shared living tech startup in New York City that assists hundreds of new and current residents each month.  Roomeze will be distributing news from local publishers to tenants on a bi-weekly basis with a personalized newsletter provided by Bloom.  Initially, the newsletter will contain Arts and Entertainment-related news and events taking place in Brooklyn and Harlem.  Later this spring, Roomeze expects to expand the newsletter to other NYC boroughs, such as Manhattan.  In addition to local news content, Roomeze is providing local recommendations for dining and entertainment that will be presented in a separate section of the newsletter.

In order to be included in the distribution service, local publishers who serve Brooklyn and Harlem must register their website and submit content on a regular basis using Bloom’s geotagging tools.  Registration and contribution of local content is free of charge for publishers.  Content is only required to be an excerpt of an article that the publisher hosts on their website and should simply inform residents about a news, event, or emergency happening in the local community.  Bloom’s service will then guide the person to learn more on the publisher’s website.

“Since 2015, Bloom has helped publishers leverage location and other semantics in their content but it wasn’t until recently that I began to see relationships between this data and the needs of local business,” said Founder, Stephen Jefferson.  “By focusing on data, we’ve been able to more easily discover these types of opportunities for journalism.  Over the past year, I have worked alongside local publishers and businesses with a vision to bring more collaboration between these passionate, community resources.”

The distribution service at Bloom was developed along with a newsletter service, embeddable local search, and interactive maps.  These services all work together in a suite of plug-and-play, cross-channel solutions for content personalization and distribution.  As the service launches with Roomeze and continues to develop this year, Bloom plans to extend the service to distribute on the web, and to create more distribution channels with other local businesses and communities.

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