Bloom Brings Local News Alive with Mapping and Proximity Plugins

August 6, 2015


A collection of hyperlocal plugins that make local news more engaging to read anywhere on the web.

WASHINGTON DC – Bloom, the news mapping platform, has released a collection of plugins that promote efficient ways to organize and deliver local news online.  The plugins take hyperlocal snippets from Bloom’s global news map to curate a unique feed of news happening in a specific region.  Users can customize the news feeds and embed them on their own website or share them on social media.



Each plugin focuses on educating readers about the location of news through different interfaces and arrangements, such as sorting by proximity and time.  For example, they can pull news in real-time or from a specific timeframe to represent a past event or important time period for that community.

This initial release consists of three individual plugins that each provide a unique way to view news by location:

  1. Interactive News Map: An interactive map populated with news filtered by publisher, keyword, location, and time.
  2. Static News Map: A single map image that is automatically generated to describe a news article’s location.
  3. News Nearby Channel: A real-time feed of news happening closest to a location.

“Our plugins help educate readers about local news in a fun and interactive way, from the comfort of any website.” says co-founder, Stephen Jefferson. “We’ve seen how organizing news on maps and by city can open doors for journalists, and now we’re taking this a step further to make local news more specific, relevant, and accessible anywhere on the web.”


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