Bloom, journalism’s newest online platform, launches website and calls for publishers

March 12, 2015


Today, Bloom unveiled its online platform aimed at streamlining the distribution of news from around the world.
Over 85% of news in this morning’s paper belong to a specific location but lack tools to deliver to readers in real-time.  Using locations from news topics, Bloom is able to offer more efficient marketing opportunities for journalists and personal tools for readers to discover news in any city.

WASHINGTON DC – Starting on March 16th, Bloom will begin accepting applications from news publishers to join their free online platform.  With the participation from publishers, Bloom plans to lead the effort to organize news using the value of its location.  According to Bloom’s 2015 Newspaper Location Study, over 85% of news articles are written about a single location, which highlights their dependency on geographic information.

The primary goals that Bloom strives to tackle include restrategizing the organization of news content and expanding the boundaries of marketing news online.  For journalists, Bloom can be used as a marketing tool to deliver their articles to a specific location in real-time.  It allows them to reach an audience that isn’t bound by a social network list and is only limited by where they decide to write about.  Readers can explore news through a map interface and easily navigate into cities to discover news whether it’s where they live, work, or go on vacation.

“Think back a few years ago when office buildings and restaurants weren’t on a map; when GPS wasn’t used in our daily routine.  The use of location technology grows everyday and has shown to be not only valuable for people but for companies and industries as well.” says founder, Stephen Jefferson.  “I see immense potential for the news industry and believe Bloom can revolutionize how news is organized for publishers and readers alike.”

Bloom will be accepting applications from publishers starting on March 16th.  They are initially looking for participation from small, city-focused news publishers but will consider larger, world-focused publishers as well. During the first half of April, approved publishers will be able to create a profile and begin populating Bloom’s map with their news.  In April, Bloom will begin accepting requests from readers who will then be able to further interact with the news and its publishers.


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